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Label: Infinite Fog

Tags: Neoclassic NeoFolk Modern Classical

  1. Preludio
  2. Entrata Solenne
  3. Canzona
  4. Inno Corale
  5. Fuga Trionfale
  6. Preghiera
  7. Marcia Cerimoniale
  8. Elevazione
  9. Pastorale
  10. Ode
  11. Vespertilia

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Seventh reissue of this classic album, but first time on vinyl!  
 Infinite Fog starts vinyl’s reissues for Ataraxia from their “Simphonia Sine Nomine”. Limited to 250 copies. 195 transparent vinyls(THIS VERSION) & 55 transparent with brown splatters. Full colored inner sleeve, refreshed artwork.

ATARAXIA is an Italian neoclassical band who combine modern technology with archaic instrumentation. They describe their music as a cross "between sacred and profane, ethereal and neo-classical , contemporary and early music". They make researches into the European legends crossing the Greek and Latin myths. Their lyrics are written in many ancient and contemporary languages.

An unusual album that may remind some of Dead Can Dance, Elijah's Mantle, or another neoclasical band of early 90`s. “Simphonia Sine Nomine” seems to be halfway between Gothic and Symphonic Rock. Vocalist Francesca Nicoli sings (in Italian and Latin) over synths, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, and occasionally drum machine. The music as a dark 'liturgical' gothic feel much of the time, with lots of minor keys and half-chanted singing, although there are a few brighter songs as well. A very enjoyable album and one of Ataraxia's all-time highlights...

Mastered by Peter Andersson (raison d’etre).

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