Coil Presents: Black Light District ‎- A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room - Digipak CD

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Label: Infinite Fog

Tags: Coil Industrial ambient Drone

  1. Unprepared Piano
  2. Red Skeletons
  3. Die Wolfe Kommen Zuruck
  4. Refusal Of Leave To Land
  5. Stoned Circular I
  6. Stoned Circular II
  7. Green Water
  8. Cold Dream Of An Earth Star
  9. Blue Rats
  10. Scratches And Dust
  11. Scattered Cross (Unreleased bonus track)
  12. London's Lost Rivers
  13. Chalice
 IFP представляет: переиздание одного из ключевых альбомов в дискографии COIL - "A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room". Записанный в 1996 году в рамках проекта "Black Light District". 

Джон Баланс, Питер Кристоферсон, Дрю Макдауэлл, Дэнни Хайд были частью этой записи и текущей переиздания, санкционировано Дэнни Хайдом. Мастеринг Мартин Боус (Attrition). 

 Переиздание не ограничилось простой переупаковкой и компакт-диск содержит эксклюзивный трек из "Black Light District" сессии и соответствующие комментарии Дэнни в буклете, а так же версию London's Lost Rivers известную по CD копиляции. Виниловая версия композиции выпущена на американской CD версии.


"This like all coil recordings finds the coil people further exploring eschatology, and sounding unlike anything else and still with that quality of space that can only be coil. It is a world of high steel freeway tones and rhythm that change so subtly that is only at the end of the daydream lull that one finds the tune has almost passed. This is not to say it is boring rather that like the best film soundtracks there is a transparency to the film of your emotions, though those emotions are guided by coil's little hooks into their worldscape.

Black Light District sees the usual coil team helped out by some old and new friends and together they reach back to the elemental song structures of Scatology and Horse Rotorvator, and these constructions applied to the formless unwinding of textures and sound that has typified their incarnation as Elph. The result is enigmatic and furthers the deep listening experiments begun on Love's Secret Domain to such an extent that each play sounds like a different lp, it is different because with each turn we are different.

The fluidity of the tracks is parenthesised by the 2 opening tracks Unprepared Piano and Red Skeletons, and the final track Chalice. The opening two are an uncentred piano with bass weirdness and a scannerish set of phone samples between a couple who's relationship is over and in pain. These are threaded over a plunky disorienting gentle sound pattern. The other pieces leading from this discomfort to Chalice and a sense of peace are a journey over clanking distortions, half remembered bits of "Tubular Bells" and even some vocals. Chalice which could easily be the sister piece to Current 93's Where The Long Shadows Fall, is a spiritual arrival where delicate chanting and long shifting tones pierce some quiet part of the self into a fluttering. The circle (spiral) begun with the scatology lp closes and the darkness has never seemed so bright. " - by john siddique of jowonio productions

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